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Salomon golden trail series

The golden trail series exists to celebrate and grow the sport of trail running.

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Salomon golden trail national series

The aim of the national series is to give an opportunity to any strong athletes to take part in the most prestigious international trail running series the following year and measure themselves against the world’s best athletes.



Golden Trail Series – Kobe Trail: A Winning Comeback for Maude Mathys, a First for Patrick Kipngeno

20TH APRIL 2024, START 1:05 PM (UTC+9), 21.3KM, 2,109M V+ KOBE, JAPAN Patrick Kipngeno and Maude Mathys win the Kobe Trail, the GTWS 2024 first stage.

Golden Trail World Series: First Time in Japan!

The first-ever Asian race in the history of the GTWS, the Kobe Trail, will open the 2024 season on 20th April.

The Golden Trail Series reveals the Grand Final’s location: Ascona – Locarno, Switzerland

The 2024 Golden Trail Series Grand Final will be held in the Ascona-Locarno region in Switzerland from 17th to 20th October 2024. The ideal setting, between lake and Alpine trails, to find out who will be declared King and Queen of the trail-running world!