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Logo Ascona - Locarno Golden Trail Finals by Scenic Trail
Salomon golden trail world series

Ascona - Locarno Golden Trail Finals by Scenic Trail

From the 17th to the 20th of October

Ascona - Locarno

Ascona - Locarno Golden Trail Finals by Scenic Trail

the Swiss region, Ascona-Locarno will be hosting the 2024 Golden Trail Series Grand Final. Nestled at the heart of an Alpine setting, between Lake Maggiore and the foot of the Basodino mountain, the finest trail runners on the planet will meet from 17th to 20th October to determine who will be champion at the GTWS 2024.


 "After choosing island or coastal course routes for the last four finals, we wanted to return to the Alps and its breathtaking scenery," explains Grégory Vollet, Director of the Golden Trail Series. "We were especially drawn to the Ascona-Locarno region, which we believe shows the essence of trail running. Outdoor culture is part this region’s DNA, the scenery is sumptuous, and the trails are particularly well-suited to organising the 2024 Grand Final. We worked closely with Associazione Scenic Trail and the locals to produce some innovative course routes following the 'flower' format we launched at last year’s Grand Final in Italy."

La dolce vita

Located in southern Switzerland, between a mountain lake, lush green meadows and the majestic mountains, the Ascona-Locarno region is richly endowed with diverse landscapes. In just a handful of kilometres, you can go from lakeside palm trees to the Bàsodino glacier, the largest glacier in Tessin.

Let’s start the show!


Like 2023, the 2024 Golden Trail Series Grand Final will also be a "flower" format race, with 23.5 kilometres and 1,400 metres elevation climb. Spectators will be able to see the runners go through the start/finish line area 6 times, while the athletes will enjoy a variety of trails enabling all types of runners – fast or technical – to shine. A prologue will open the action: 7 kilometres with 400 metres elevation climb, spectators will be able to see the runners power through the fan zone 4 times. In all, this Grand Final will include 4 races spread across 4 days – a men’s and a women’s prologue, then a men’s and a women’s final.


    Other runners can enter all the races via the OPEN category: registrations open on 15th May 2024.


    Golden Trail Series – Four Sisters Mountain Trail: The Kenyans Conquer China

    27TH APRIL 2024, START MIDDAY (UTC+8), 22KM, 1,530M V+ MOUNT SIGUNIANG, CHINA Joyce Njeru and Patrick Kipngeno win the Four Sisters Mountain Trail, the second stage of the Golden Trail World Series.

    Golden Trail World Series: After Japan, China!

    27TH APRIL 2024, START 2:00 PM (UTC+8), 22KM, 1,530M V+ SIGUNIANGSHAN, CHINA After a successful race in Japan, the Golden Trail World Series now heads to China for the second race of the season.

    Golden Trail Series – Kobe Trail: A Winning Comeback for Maude Mathys, a First for Patrick Kipngeno

    20TH APRIL 2024, START 1:05 PM (UTC+9), 21.3KM, 2,109M V+ KOBE, JAPAN Patrick Kipngeno and Maude Mathys win the Kobe Trail, the GTWS 2024 first stage.